Thank you Mark. Good post. You're right, DEI, as manifest today, is a "big lie".

In a word, you could just say "DEI = politics". DEI sounds good. But, it's not. It's destructive and the evidence is clear.

DEI is a pretense that there will be treatment of all with dignity and respect. But, there won't. Political sides do not treat other sides with dignity and respect. They do all they can to denigrate the "other" sides in politics, and make no mistake, e v e r y t h i n g is political. Children, when I was growing up, learned to do this dignity and respect thing quite well and they knew when they volated the Golden Rule and were called out for it. Kids these days, and for some time now, have learned that people who don't think as they do do not deserve dignity and respect and so they are justified in not applying the Golden Rule to all. They believe they are justified in harming others.

To be sure, there is validity in any argument for Diversity, representing all peoples, but especially in diversity of thought--thought, however, appears to be intentioinally overlooked as a valid ingredient to diversity. "Your thoughts are fine as long as they comport with our thought." Also, there is validity in Inclusion of everyone to represent the whole which just by definition will mean more harmony in the society.

As for Equity, everyone with a brain knows that its present application actually violates Natural Law. It doesn't take much brain to recognize that "favorites" or preferences involve choice, likes and dislikes and change occurs through trends of style and interest. But also, not all men can be Wilt Chamberlain or women, Cindy Crawford. Despite all the gnashing of teeth and wishing by certain persons and groups, Natural Law does not allow for "equity" that way, but that does not mean all people can't be treated fairly and equally before governance and in our culture or society.

As applied today, the effort is to "turn back the clock" to undo past unfairness. This is simply impossible because it violates Natural Law in this universe, and the effort automatically in fact, causes more inequity because it is subject to the whims of those in power. And, as we all know, Power corrupts. As historian Lord Acton said, "“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Who is in power decides what is fair and equitable, which is why only a proper system of representative democracy can create and maintain an equitable environment. If we ever really had it, that's what we need to get back to.

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Thank you very much for your comments. And I know what you said about natural laws spot on also. One of the problems with this whole Dei thing once you get beyond all the lies and false pretenses, is that human nature is something other than what it is. That people today can fix Injustice that was done by long dead people to long dead people. But that can't happen. And the resulting inequities caused by giving people things they didn't earn and taking them from people who did nothing wrong is just a vicious cycle. Thank you again for your comments I really appreciate it.

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