What is The Global Exclaimer and why might you care?

The Sound! The Fury! The Fiction!

Hello and Welcome to The Global Exclaimer, the news site that dares to exist. In a world where stuff happens, one news source, The Global Exclaimer, is one.

The Global Exclaimer is where I react to things Global that need Exclaiming. What kinds of things need Exclaiming? Oh my, lots. I mean, look around! My goal is to bring a different voice to the Public Square with insights and opinions that you may find yourself thinking about long after you forgot where you read them.

There is some actual local news that is straight up reporting for the City of Carrollton, Cradle of Civilization. Mostly there are Exclamations, Global in nature, about cultural things that matter… Mostly.

I try to point out truth regardless of the style or tone of the report. Sometimes it will be straight up opinion, sometimes times Fake Real News. Or Real Fake News. What does that mean? Fiction is often used to illustrate Truth. No one believes that a fox really gave up trying to get grapes and said, “They were probably sour anyway,” but Aesop’s fables nevertheless reveal truths about the human condition.

It’s also a platform for me to write mystery science fiction and philosophical mystery fiction.

Why subscribe?

For a different viewpoint. On things that matter. It’s all free; what subscribing does is get you an email that you can read from your inbox without any spam or click bait. Many will think I am conservative. Maybe dangerously so. Others may be confused and wonder, “What is he anyway.”

So, there you have it.

You can, if you wish, pledge to provide me with 71.43% to 62.5% of one cigar a month; my go to cigar is pictured below, and costs between 7 and 8 USD. So, at $5 you would contribute more than 1/2 to almost 3/4 of one cigar a month.

Arturo Fuente 8-5-8

Why am I doing this? Because it’s fun. And because I believe some things need to be said even if no one is listening. And that some people want to hear and maybe need to hear things. And stuff.

The electronic fish wrap on which this newsletter is printed was ethically sourced from renewable quark farms. Not very many electrons were lost during the manufacture of this page,

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The Global Exclaimer is where I react to things Global that need Exclaiming. Also serialized speculative fiction.


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